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Artificial Intelligence is not something new, as the term Artificial Intelligence was first coined by John McCarthy, an American computer and cognitive scientist in the year 1956 and is now referred to as the father of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the way of the future, but not everyone is familiar with the term; they instinctively know what the term means but are not completely sure about what it defines; Artificial Intelligence or AI can be simply explained as that branch of computer science that is particularly focused on and endeavours to replicate & simulate the wonders of human intelligence in a human-made machine. This is done with an aim so that these machines could be able to do tasks that at the moment only a human is capable of doing and would require human intelligence to be performed.

Artificial Intelligence

Now, when one talks about the types of Artificial Intelligence technology there is, they are generally talking about the three different types of Artificial Intelligence technology that is present and not the different types of usage of Artificial Intelligence. There are three types of AI, and these three are completely different from each other and should not be confused as one and the same.


Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Now Artificial Super Intelligence is currently a concept as there is no current invention in the market that can be classified as utilizing an Artificial Super Intelligence. What ASI refers to is an AI that does not just mimic or able to understand human intelligence but is actually able to surpass it easily; simply put, an AI that is smarter than any human present at any time by multiple folds.

Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence (AGN)

Artificial General Intelligence is the next big step in the Artificial Intelligence technology; sometimes it is referred to as Strong AI or Deep AI, as in Artificial General Intelligence, the AI is able to mimic human intelligence and/or behaviours and also has an ability to utilize that intelligence and information gathered to improve its thinking and solve problems. Experts have concluded that we could soon have AGN technology based devices in a few years.


Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

Artificial Narrow Intelligence, also usually known as Weak AI or Narrow AI, but it anything but and it would be wrong to say ANI as a weak AI. What ANI refers to is the AI is that is goal-oriented, designed to perform a singular task. ANI is the only type of AI that we humans have been able to accomplish to date, but it is widely used in several sectors. Take in point TikTok; TikTok utilizes a specific set of AI algorithm which is tasked with collecting as many data pointers as possible with the users' interaction with the TikTok app, and using those data pointers, the AI creates a profile of the user to determine which content would the user like or may not like in the future, thus enabling it to suggest unique content to different users. This AI may be referred to as a Weak AI, but it sure has the power to shake the world we live in.

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