Application of artificial intelligence – whom it can benefit the most?

Artificial Intelligence or AI technology has taken the world by storm, and it is not really a surprise to those who are invested in the technology sector, as they knew the coming of age for Artificial Intelligence and its commercial use sooner than later. Many experts are a bit surprised though with the widespread commercial use of AI technology already in the market, but with the advantages that Artificial Intelligence provides in data gathering, it is not really that much of a surprise.

AI Technology

Now, one can question that is on the mind of people genuinely interested in the advancement of Artificial Intelligence technology is that which sector is going to benefit the most in the coming years with the rapid advancement that is happening in AI. Sure, one thing is certain that every sector and industry is now going to adapt or create a strategy for the adaption of Artificial Intelligence in their field, but the one sector that will see rapid integration of AI and in a way has already seen that happened is the online consumer-based market.

Social Media Company

If one look at the already present AI technology, they will find that social media companies and online e-commerce providers are making excellent use of the current present AI technology; in contrast, when one discusses the field of robotics and automation, the reality is that for the commercial application of the same, the technology is just not present at the moment. It will be sooner rather than later, but at the present time, the online consumer market takes to cake when one talks about the advantage of the application of AI.

One can easily make this case by taking TikTok as an example for the same. In the 21st century, data is one of the most valuable commodities, and if someone is able to gather sufficient data about an individual, they can create a virtual profile of that same individual and institutively know what that person is going to like or dislike, and would be interested in consuming or purchasing. This is precisely what TikTok has done; by using short, engaging, and attention-catchy videos, TikTok is able to gather a significant no of data pointers of every user of the application. Doing this enabled TikTok to create a virtual profile of every individual user of the application, which modifies automatically whenever someone uses the app, and hence is able to suggest content to the user that TikTok know they are going to like anyway.

Using the same data pointers, TikTok also targets ads to its users. Now, TikTok is not the first one that has does that; Amazon and Facebook are one of the biggest data gatherers in the world, but short videos that are watched on its platforms and a specifically focused AI algorithm enabled TikTok to be a master in this art.

Automation, robotics, and other field are going to see huge benefits when they become commercially viable options and with the improvements that are going to come in the Artificial Intelligence technology, but at present, Artificial Intelligence is going to benefit those who are in the online consumer market, the most.

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