Everything to know about blockchain technology

Everything to know about blockchain technology

Blockchain is the technology that has the potential to redefine the way people transact in the virtual world. Blockchain is all about creating data, linking data, and accessing data in a decentralized manner. It lets the user transact with others through the distributed database. Exchanges will be secure with the help of cryptography.


Before the verification of the exchange, all the computers present in the network will authenticate the transaction. Data storage Every day hundreds of thousands of records are generated and stored at various places such as hospitals, police stations, administrative buildings, banks, and financial institutions. The records are stored in a block, and each block will be interconnected like a chain. This kind of storage can be referred to as a digital ledger. The origin of the digital asset will be recorded through the distributed database under the blockchain technology.

Why should you go for blockchain technology?/

The purpose of blockchain technology is to record, organize, and store the data in a very efficient way. In this process, it is also possible to maintain the history of the record. As the data verification should take place from many computers (nodes), the deletion of data will not occur. Blockchain technology is intended to keep the data fresh while maintaining the historical trace of the record.


Applications The most formidable application of blockchain technology is Bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrencies. Benefits

There will be a reduction of data manipulation risk with the introduction of blockchain technology. Data addition will take place after the approval of all nodes in the network. It is possible to reduce or eliminate the processing fee completely. With the removal of the transaction fee, the money transfer will be affordable.

Kinds of cryptocurrencies

Distributed ledger technology –

The distributed ledger technology is the key that drives most of the cryptocurrencies. The technology is poised to revolutionize the digital transactions in the coming days with low risk plus affordability. Companies implementing blockchain technology

Barclays –

It is the second-largest bank in the UK, and the company is using blockchain technology for fund transfers and completing KYC.


The Company has introduced the business to business payments in 2016 using blockchain. It is one of the leading companies that have ambitious applications of blockchain technology.

Unilever –

The Company uses blockchain to track all the transactions in the supply chain. They will follow the suppliers as well.


FDA is implementing blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. The patients’ records can be recorded, stored, and transferred with the utmost confidentiality.


The ‘proof of concept’ is being implemented by DHL in association with Accenture. It is possible to trace pharmaceuticals' delivery from the origin to the destination without tampering. The drawback associated with blockchain is that the latest upgrade should be backward-compatible.
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