Maintenance & Services

  • Maintenance & Services

As IT technicians, system administrators, and IT support analysts, you can expect the following from us:

  • Installation, maintenance, support, and repair of desktop hardware and software failures
  • Administration of user accounts across multiple systems.
  • Timely categorization, logging, and resolution of incoming incidents.
  • Identification and publication of internal solutions to problems.
  • Assistance in selecting and deploying technology aligned with organizational goals.
  • Proactive learning and training of staff members on new technologies.

Regarding the solutions we provide to our customers:

  • Regular updating and maintenance of clients' websites to ensure optimal performance.
  • Improved site security, increased visitor traffic, and enhanced user experience.

The repair duration for laptops and desktop systems depends on the complexity of the issue, ranging from one hour to weeks. It is important to have good systems in place and regularly maintain your devices.

Our services also include:

  • Onsite and remote IT support.
  • Basic installation services.
  • Desktop and laptop motherboard replacement and repair.
  • Server and network support and maintenance.
  • Hardware virtualization.
  • Setup and repair of switches, including Cisco Meraki Switch.
  • Router installation and network diagnostics.
  • Installation of wireless access points, SSDs, UPS, and network racks.

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