Where AI technology is used? Is it worth growing your online business?

Where AI is used, the question one should ask them is where it is not used? Any social media app or one can even say most of the apps you use, utilize some form of Artificial Intelligence technology; the smart assistants that you use on a daily basis like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, they all utilize Artificial Intelligence technology, the smart devices that you use on a daily basis, they are also utilizing some form of Artificial Intelligence technology. And here we are only taking your everyday usage; companies are now even using Artificial Intelligence technology-based robotics like Amazon for delivery, so, again, the question one should ask is where Artificial Intelligence technology is not currently being used, and till when would that be the case?

Artificial Intelligence technology

The thing one should keep in mind about Artificial Intelligence technology is that it is only going to get bigger and better as time passes on, and with its application now in almost every field, it is imperative that sooner rather than later, you have to turn to utilize Artificial Intelligence technology in your business as well. But if you are asking does Artificial Intelligence technology helps the growth of the online business, and if yes that how could I benefit from it, then lets us help you out.

TikTok Application

Now take in point the case of TikTok; everyone has heard of it, most of us have used it or are still using it, but why is it so popular? Sure, short funny videos are something everyone can enjoy, but they were not the first one to provide users with fresh, trendy content, Vine – an old video sharing app did just that, but what makes TikTok different from Vine is that it is able to provide customers with uniquely suggested connect which it knows they are going to like.

But how is TikTok able to do that, one might ask themselves; the answer to that is quite simple - Artificial Intelligence. TikTok collects data pointers from its users after every interaction, and using those same data points creates a unique profile of the user. TikTok does that for every user and, using the info collected, able to suggest the user content which it knows the user is going to like. Now, TikTok is not the only one that does; e-commerce giant Amazon also utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology to collect data pointers of the user and to use those data pointers to suggests what that specific user might want to buy next. So, if you are the owner of an e-commerce business, wondering whether or not AI is something right for your business, then take Amazon as an example.

TikTok is able to accurately predict what the user is going to like because since the content on TikTok is short in length, it allows the user to interact with more content in a short time, resulting in more data pointers collected by TikTok.

To create a successful online business, the first thing one has to do is to make the brand customer-centric, and TikTok and Amazon have shown that utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology in the online business is a sure way for success.

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