8 effective email list building tactics that work in 2021

8 effective email list building tactics that work in 2021

The term list building is defined as collecting email addresses for users or visitors of a website.  This is an efficient practice used to grow the subscriber database and improve communication with existing or prospective clients. For professional marketers, email list building is considered an essential strategy. According to this, 59% of customers' decisions either positively or negatively influence their buying decisions. 80% of business houses believe email marketing helps them with increased customer retention.

But email list building is a complex task, and you can't even create one lead capture form and generate thousands of subscribers overnight. To build an efficient email list, you need to incorporate patience and, above all, an effective strategy to yield positive results.

  1. Relevant use of embedded signup forms: - Embedded signup forms are the most traditional strategies for grasping the focus of email subscribers. The forms can be placed on high-traffic pages like sidebars, headers, splash pages and footers. The main advantage of the embedded form is that it is non-intrusive and humbly reminds visitors to sign up and nothing more.
  2. Use overlays and popup: - Pop-up and overlays have a great conversion rate of 3.9%. These stats are appealing on their own, but you need to be careful with pop up and overlays. Follow Google's interstitial ad guidelines if you are not willing to risk yourself in a penalty.
  3. Gasification: - It is the basic process of applying interactive elements of game playing to enhance user engagement and lead generation. This strategy appeals better to consumer psychology, motivates them to sign up to take advantage.
  4. Formation of a squeeze page: - it is a lead capturing page designed to squeeze the information from the visitor by limiting the access to their desired content or offer by placing it after the lead capture form. Squeeze pages have high exit rates, but it's fine as their purpose is to capture the information. As long as the conversion rate of this tactic is high, you don't need to worry about anything else.

5. Sign up for the notification: - it is one of the most acceptable mailing list growth strategies that worked well in the past. You can overlay it on landing pages or statically embed it into the product pages or place it in the slider on the page header. Notifications serve as a reminder to busy customers who want to invest their time in your business but don’t have time to refresh for anticipation.

6. Content upgrades: - it is also referred to as lead magnet.  A grated piece of information on the website can offer many business visitors in exchange for the email address. It could be anything ranging from guides, exclusive access to a catalogue and more.

7. Add Opt infield at the checkouts: - Many online users expect a form for personal information.  It provides them with a feel of security that they finally have access to tracking information of their order. By including the option of joining an email list is a way to encourage list subscriptions.

8. Use referral and loyalty programs: - By strategizing referral and customer loyalty programs, you can also grow your email list from scratch. Such programs also motivate nudge as well as a brand new subscriber to upgrade for creating lifetime value.

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