How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Your Customers So Obsessive?

Take TikTok, for example

A social media and short video-sharing app that has turned the world of the internet, and one could even say the society upside down. How were they able to do that? If one looks carefully, what TikTok offers to its customers is not so vastly different from other Social Media apps out there like Vine and Snapchat. But there is a heavy AI integration in TikTok, which while present in other social media apps, is not so aggressive in data collection.

What TikTok does so marvelously is that due to its short videos, it gathers infinitely more data pointers from a viewer than any other app is capable of doing, and using the collected data pointers creates a virtual profile to suggest content to the users. The AI and the algorithm are continually improving with every interaction an individual has with the TikTok app; the more the individual interacts with the TikTok app, the better the algorithm is going to get and the better the suggested content would be, creating a loop which is hard to get out from.

TikTok is not the only example of this; Facebook Watch, YouTube, and even Amazon aggressively utilize Artificial Intelligence to keep the user on the website or the app, and the more user uses the app and website, the more data they collect, helping them create a better virtual profile to keep the individual’s attention even longer. So, it would not be wrong to say that the use and heavy integration of Artificial Intelligence technology have made customers a bit obsessed with the apps and websites.

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